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Crypto Currency Custody for Financial Institutions

A wallet is designed for holding low amounts of crypto assets. We know that our customers don’t need just a wallet.

With a brand new battle-tested security layer technology, NodeVenture created a digital high security vault that stores institutional assets safely and convenient.

Crypto Currency Custody

What is the missing piece to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and security token to the financial market? Guess you’re right!

A secure and flexible crypto currency custody solution like NodeVenture.

Compliant to your needs

We provide a platform that is easy to use, very flexible, has the most secure IT-Infrastructure and complies within European AML, KYC and GDPR regulatories.

Perfect for you as a Family Office, Investment Fund, Financial Service Provider or Bank located inside the European Union.

Why NodeVenture?


Professionals need professional solutions.

Tailored to your needs, easy to use. NodeVenture is the only solution on market that allows you to transfer from your cold storage in real time.


The security of your tokens is our utmost concern.

So we’ve invented a brand new and challenged security layer that keeps your asset safe.


We love standards ❤️.

That’s why we are fully compliant with European AML & KYC and GDPR regulations, certificated with ISO 27001. For you, we provide the most convenient solution to keep your assets safe.


Want to stake coins or vote on mechanisms?

No Problem! NodeVenture found a solution that allows your cold storage to communicate with online servers. Absolutely secure.

Crypto Asset Support

We are implementing the top 30 cryptocurrencies to our platform which represent 90% of the overall market. At our launch there will be BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC – followed by monthly releases.

Your coin is not supported by our solution yet? Don’t worry! Step by Step we will be adding more value to our platform. Just tell us your needs and we can prioritize more to your needs.

What are you waiting for?

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